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Let me begin by thanking our outgoing President, Greg Salvato, for his outstanding leadership.

Founded in 1977, the Italian American Lawyers Association’s many worthwhile purposes include helping well-qualified members become judges or attain other prominent positions, and fostering a spirit of friendship among our members, the judiciary and others. I plan to focus on these goals, while doing what we do best – enjoy each other’s company over good Italian food and wine.

Our first event of the year brought together 22 legal organizations to co-present to Los Angeles County Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile the Diversity & Inclusion Award. The event sold out with over 450 attendees, including 70 sitting judges, thereby demonstrating that diversity and inclusion are important not only to our legal community, but to the members of our courts. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra presented opening remarks, and we had many other dignitaries as guests.  I am honored to have spearheaded this important community event. In that spirit, we hope our new friends who joined us at our February event will become long-time friends who join us at all our events.   

We are known for our outstanding speakers, authentic Italian food and an energy uniquely our own. This year, we also became known for our fun and interactive Zoom events.  In July, we had a members-only event where we heard from and spent time with one of our most accomplished fellow Italian Americans, affectionately known as America's Doctor, Dr. Anthony Fauci. In August, we were joined by our highest-ranking Italian-American jurist, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, together with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and baseball greats Tony LaRussa, Joe Girardi and Mike Schmidt. 

We will continue to hold our meetings virtually during the current pandemic for your safety and for the safety of our community. So grab a plate a pasta and your favorite vino and we'll see you at your Casa!

Theresa Macellaro

President, Italian American Lawyers Association

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